Sunday, May 13, 2007

A short Shivapuri hike

Though it was a short hike, we had lots of fun talking at the colorful monastery somewhere at top of Shivapuri hill with Anna, Emma and Prajna. The rain was even more exciting, with one umbrella and one raincoat and 4 people with coordinated down hill walk. We didn't get to drench in rain though our pants got dirty and gave the look of the real hike. And I got to know lots of interesting facts on Sweden from Anna and Emma.

Foreigners do have lots of problems here. We have to pay Rs 10 to enter Shivapuri National Park while they have to pay Rs 250. I was surprised to hear that they are constantly approached by drug dealers, asking if they need any, while walking in the city. Interesting.

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Kathmandu city as seen on the way

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Girls pointing somewhere at the city

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Way to Monastery (Yellow Building)

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A whole lot of colorful Buddhist flags near Monastery

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Emma, Prajna and Anna inside Monastery

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A huge colorful drum inside Monastery


Lunatic Calm said...

i guess its long since ive been there. I dont remember the monastery there the last time i went there. I guess, 6 years is a long time. anyways, the view seems nice as usual. just got a hold of a swedish band ZAVOD some time back, maybe your friends know them ?

skandhar said...

hmm... can't say i remember much about shivapuri. Isn't that the danda with army base and a big helipad at the top??

anjesh said...

I think the hill with a big helipad at the top is Chisapani. Yeah I still remember the millenium night and the frozen tent. Really wonderful moments.

Isabel Magalhães said...

It seems beatiful. Well, it sure is beautiful. :)

I like the two big drums in their bright coulours.

Greetings from Lisbon/Portugal