Saturday, May 12, 2007

Boogie, the bday boy

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The Boogie, alias Sugam bhai, was preparing to cut his birthday cake in the third and the last day of his birthday celebration series. I heard it - about the series. Yet to find the truth which I don't care, and also similarly non-important issue is about his name - why he is called "The Boogie".

Updates: Three days bday celebration mystery solved

1 comment:

Lunatic Calm said...

please the three day thing i have explained it in my new post......The boogie thing will also write that in a new post.....i have to clarify once and for all for everyone or change my nickname, actually how boogie came im not so sure myself (no, its not the wrestling WWE boogie).
enjoyed ur company at the party also, at patan, thamel and back at santosh's place....although if you had put some extra effort there it couldve been much better.....hehe