Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Strange - French or English?

Learning French is fun and strange, especially when we are much used to English, which is even much strange when we really ponder on it.

Pronounce Put and Hut

Similarly Go and Do

We pronounce them correctly because we are used to it. Such type of mis-pronunciation rarely occur in French, our instructor at Alliance Francaise told us. I have yet to find that out by myself. So far I learned speaking 4 sentences, which I don't remember at all. I don't need to - that's what our instructor told us. And I obey him :)

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prawesh said...

french hmmm... good

Lunatic Calm said...

learning a new language is always interesting and the thing about pronunciation is the same in most of the cases. When i was learning german, i also didnt worry much about mispronouncing because they have a definite set of rules and there are no or almost none exceptional cases as in English. Although common English has some setbacks to it and many of my european friends dont seem to like english as a language.