Thursday, May 24, 2007

For how long??

I stayed in queue for exactly 50 minutes to get fuel for my bike. There were hundreds of people waiting for their turns. How many productive hours of the nepalese citizens been wasted? Who cares? Those who should never get time to think about the citizens and their welfares.

Waiting in queue for 50 minutes with starving stomach. Ohh! Finally I got home, just to find that there's no electricity. It was load-shedding day. Well my would-be-unproductive hours seemed to be productive, though in some way. I must say that "They do think about us - randomly". />


Lunatic Calm said...

u seem to be lucky, today waited more than half an hour in the scorching sun for petrol only to be told that the petrol is finished. I was totally pissed off and unimaginably feeling the heat.

prawesh said...

hey katti line ma baseko ta? bike ta kahile chalaundainas. anyways, talai ta yo din ta tension nai bhaeko rahecha.