Friday, May 04, 2007

Some salesperson are just too great

When you are buying any stuff, you will immediately know that, "yes, this is the person I will buy from". They explain the things, even without being asked, and so nicely put that you can't resist buying from him. Similarly you know when you are not buying from some sales-person when he/she speaks his/her first sentence.

Like today, I was buying a battery for my bike, to replace the worn-out one. The person, behind the counter, probably at this sixties, explained to me so nicely about the battery world that I couldn't get out of there without buying one. Though I was looking for some recommended brand, I got some other "If you are not careful enough, any battery will drain out no matter how expensive it is or of whatever successful brand it is. If you are careful, the battery will last for atleast 4/5 years, no matter how cheap it is." There may be some exaggeration, but he was very persuasive, with reasoning ofcourse.

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