Monday, August 28, 2006

Worldlink... really disappointing

I am using Worldlink cable internet, night surfing only, which means that i will get to use internet from 8:30 PM to 8:30AM and full day on Saturday. This is not the first time that my internet gets disconnected while I am surfing. The problem is I couldn't connect to internet after it gets disconnected. Now without internet, i am blogging in my notepad and will post after internet connection resumes. Last Saturday and Sunday, I couldn't use internet at all. I am greeted with a message "The remote computer didn't respond.". Now I am getting the same error message. I called for support and no one is picking up the phone. I understand that Worldlink is one of the most busiest ISPs of Kathmandu and hopefully Nepal. The system they are using is bottlenecked by the clients they are supporting. I don't see a reason why they are not doing anything to pacify their customers. Well I would have a full page complaints by now if I had jotted down every time i get a problem. I thought ok.. maybe they are doing their best. This is simply too much. Worldlink don't know how to retain their clients at all. I don't know if they assume that once client gets to their door, they won't leave. I will be more than just happy to leave them at once, without second thought. By the way Worldlink is not just losing me, they are losing everyone in my circle. Ok.. finally internet connection resumes after around 30 minutes. This is just simply intolerable.

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