Sunday, September 03, 2006

"What is my fault that I am here?" ...

"What is my fault that I am here?" well it's not what I am saying but the old lady citizens counting the end of their lives at Senior Citizens Residence, Matatirtha. It's on the way to Thankot. I visited that place almost 2 months back as a member of Leo Club of Kantipur. We donated some food like biscuits, noodles, toiletries to each of 20 women living there. That plastic bag content would last for not more than 2 weeks. Besides we also donated a sack of rice and other things (like sugar, flour.. i don't remember all now) to the committee working for the Residence.

It was just an idea of some of my friends from Leo club who visited that place and said that we should be doing something for them. Continuing our support to them is not practical for us, as we collected money from ourselves only. It's hard to approach people asking for money, even for selfless work like this. Because there are many people, organizations working on same and with some fake people also, causing such job difficult.

Reaching and talking with them was the only thing that would have been enough for them. I don't remember how many times they thanked us. Many of them were saying, only our presence would have been enough. They get so less visitors, only seeing people beside their beds was much more than food they get. My friends had already warned us not to provoke any stories from them. For they would start crying, and you wouldn't know what exactly to do. Well it seemed stupid when asked not listen to them. My friends didn't mean that. Just don't talk about their history and don't ask why are you here. It was true, their stories would haunt everyday. Ah.. you can't do anything to help them, you have jobs, families to take care of, friends to give time to, so many other things you want to accomplish in your life. Their disheartening stories would never let you concentrate. It had happened to me when I used to tutor at an orphanage, ah... everyone of those boys have their own painful stories. One day I even felt tears in my eyes.

The world is not perfect, it's highly biased. Yet we find ourselves powerless to do anything. There are so many things boggling your mind, you just can't keep yourself happy every time. Family, friends, job.... these things just trick you to give a sense of happiness for a short time. I understand this and yet I am after those. In my heart, i really want to see smile in the faces of people, who have never taste happiness in their lives and those who have forgotten how does it feel to be happy. There are many NGOs, INGOs, foundations established by actors, actresses, that are working to help these staggering number of people. And yet so little has been done and so much has to be done.

I still remember their smiles and gratefulness. Each room contains atleast 6/8 ladies.

There's a beautiful story about a boy throwing starfishes, brought to the beach by the waves,
back to the sea. A grown-up man seeing the futile attempt to throw the starfishes back to their home, smiled and approached the kid, "You see this entire beach is filled with starfishes. You are not going to make any difference." The boy threw one starfish back to the water, "See I make a difference to this one".

There's so much to be learned from that little kid. Why don't all of us start with what we can. We don't have to donate huge amount of money. Like I said above, just a humble visit will provide orphans, homeless senior citizens, a lot of happiness you and I could ever imagine. What we need is a humble, selfless heart to say them "No, it's neither your nor our fault, that you are in this position." and i don't know what to say after. Maybe you can.

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