Sunday, September 03, 2006

FOSS Nepal... I am happy and again sad!

Today I found that there is also a FOSS Community in Nepal. I am happy and again sad to hear that. I am happy that people are already aware of it. I am sad that they haven't done much job in creating awareness on FOSS. I went to GPLv3 Conference at Bangalore on 23th, 24th Aug 2006. I was confronted by several participants asking whether I was from FOSS community from Nepal. I said no and i even further said that there's still not such community in Nepal. Now I feel embarrassed to find out that I was wrong and also that there was no one from FOSS Nepal or even from Nepal, except me to attend that conference. I see that there's still a lot to be done in FOSS by FOSS Community and I am willing to be an active member of FOSS Nepal. There's going to be an event on Free Software Day on 16th Sep 2006 and I'm definitely not going to miss that opportunity.

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