Sunday, August 27, 2006

God and his creations...

The image below shows the newly constructed beautiful sculptures on both sides of Buddha. You can still see people working deliberately on those sculptures . I wonder how long does it take to those hard-working people to complete that. This location is behind the Soyambhu Nath Stupa. I was near that location for Paro Bhoj (party) on Aug 26, 2006, a gesture to an end of a month long Gunla, which ended last wednesday. In Gunla we have to go to Soyambhu everyday and play cultural drums. But it's not mandatory. I went only once during the entire Gunla. The crowd is unimaginably huge at Soyambhu, the entire month.

I am very touched to see two little girls scrubbing the stairs to the Buddha above, in the rain with people walking every now and then. These little girls looked to be content with what they are doing, at least to me. I just wonder if they have ever been to school. It seems that the so called God is indifferent to his little creations.

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