Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dobhase - English Nepali Translation Tool

Well I was very elated to read news on the daily paper about the dobhase software,
http://nlp.ku.edu.np/dobhase/index_eng.php . It was funded by Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme under ICT R&D grant. For more details on the project proposal, click here. I tried few simple sentences, it was readable. But for webpage texts, it was illegible. The site claims that there are currently 22000 words supported by the translator. There's still a lot to work on for the more accurate and practical translation. I suppose people won't be translating simple sentences like "my name is ...", "how are you?". The web contents are pretty much complex. The attempt to start the project is indubitably praiseworthy. I hope to see this translator working fluently in the near future. All the best to the Dobhase development team.

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