Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ok now - atleast apologise

Isn't it hard to keep away from bad news when you are surrounded by nothing but bad news. Sometimes you are penalized for not keeping up with the bad news; that happened to me when I realized that people are flocking in queue at petrol pump and my fuel meter warned for refill. The fact being Terai remained closed since god knows when. And yesterday Kathmandu valley was closed because Maoists believed that their cadre Rajendra Phuyal was killed by UML Youth Wing - Youth Force. And now there's another news that Mr Phuyal death was caused by consumption of pesticide, Metacid. For a moment i felt like laughing. And I see nothing but stupidity. Similarly yesterday I was watching Avenvues News where some Maoist guy appeared on the screen and shouted "We [maoists] are not doing anything [closing down the valley], it's Kathmandu dwellers who are uprising against such atrocities by closing down the valley". Now you tell, what should be our reaction. Atleast I was expecting some apologies though their action will never be forgiven - torching the motorbike of doctor, vandalizing the media vehicles.


Utsav Maden said...

and your back!


Anonymous said...

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