Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nobel Economics Prize for first-year grad student. Spoof?

There are few facebook status updates on first year grad student winning nobel prize - mentioned on Greg Mankiw blog - a professor at Harvard University. The funny thing is no other leading news sites mentioned about it nor does the Why would Greg Mankiw disclose name before I would except to see that as a headline in and and, not some blogs. But Greg Mankiw blog. Hard not to believe and yet his blog read "Pfuffnick's Nobel Economics Prize triumph hailed by many". Many anonymous bloggers?

"Quintus Pfuffnick" - the student who supposedly won nobel economics prize - also does sound very alien, with 219 results in google. is yet to announce the winner. But already lots of discussion going on "Quintus Pfuffnick".

Wow, that's surprising. This guy will make a couple of senior economists very jealous.

It's satirical. It's absurd, but uses the same language used to justify Obama's peace prize.

This is what i got out of the Award being given to Obama.

Maybe its other countries showing their approval for Obama, which is important.

But hardly a good reason for giving a Nobel Peace Prize.

Was Quintus Pfuffnick also nominated for the award two weeks after enrolling?

Probably, especially considering that his admissions essay was a major factor in his selection!

I love the reference to the essay in the grad school application which, in Obama's case, is missing from all records

His grad school application? I'm pretty sure that Obama had a grad school application.

I'm not ridiculing Obama. I'm ridiculing the Nobel Prize committee.


Anonymous said...

Mankiw's "light editing" of London's article on the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Obama, was meant to be a satirical criticism; the Nobel Prize for Economics is not known until tomorrow.

anjesh said...

That's what I was also trying to say. But it's so easy to fall for it if one follows discussions here and there.