Friday, January 02, 2009

Looking back in 2008?

The year 2008 saw the least number of blogs. I tried but never tried too hard to try. Now I can't remember what I did during the year. It's true that time flies and now i am having hard time trying to organize images up from the past. I remember reading an article from John Dvorak, saying internet is too much public. Why would i tell others what i am doing/thinking, why i am doing. But again, it wouldn't do much harm if people knew about me.

Some 2008 deeds that I remembered so far...

1. Self realization about blogs
2. Was in Colombo, Srilanka for a GDLN workshop
3. Joined MBA at ACE
4. Did several presentations at ACE college - ebay, web2.0, facebook
5. Got involved in a new venture
6. Made new friends
7. Travelled a bit around Nepal - Khasa, Dolkha, Ghandruk, Pokhara

It seems 2008 is the least productive. It is - one of the reasons being lack of proper journaling. Anyways I will update this list if I remember something, anything.


skandhar said...

yeah i was wondering why you havent updated..hmmmm... see you should use your blog instead of updating twitter everytime you find something that may be u seful.. chor

siku lal said...

hey man.. aren't you gonna update?? taile stop garis maile restart gare..bhayena ni..

Leif Hagen said...

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