Thursday, October 18, 2007

runner's high.... after a loong time

After almost 4 months break, I made my run back to-fro Budhanilkantha. Yup I enjoyed runner's high again; to my dismay i hurt my legs. Asim, Prasun, Prawesh, and Suprit... don't think I am crazy. You do remember Pokhara?

I was not surprised to see the fuel queue as early as 6 in the misty, cold morning. I ran observing the standing faces, on the seventh day of Dashain. Some must be getting fuels to get home, away from Kathmandu. Around the midway, the misty environment turned to clear, blue sky, however there was a clear demarcation between the two - conveying the message that darkness will definitely be followed by prosperous light. I wait for that day in Nepal.

I still remember there used to very less runners just 3/4 months back Today I saw hordes of runners - must be looking for the fresh morning air, though the road is not free of micro-buses and other vehicles. However their number does not seem to affect the air, though it won't take time to corrode. I am being realistic if some of you happen to take it as pessimist view.

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