Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Helambu Trip

Fours days/three nights trek around the Helambu region is the longest and the most delightful one I have done so far. We stayed at three different villages - Upper Timbu on the first night, TarkeGyang on the second and Dhuba Chour on the third. The first two nights were chilling - it was raining throughout but I couldn't differentiate it from the flowing river (Melamchi river I suppose). One could hear the soothing sound of the river throughout the night at Upper Timbu.

On the way to Upper Timbu

Upper Timbu as seen on the way up. There were only two lodges. Fortunately we didn't have problems with stay throughout the hike.

Upper Timbu Village

The second day hike from Upper Timbu to Tarke Gyang via Kakani was almost 6-7 hours plus. Man... I have never seen so many leeches clinging to my pants as on this day - the tiny one even managed to get to my leg. You can imagine how much psyched out we were... almost more than half the time, we would be looking at our legs to find at least one leech and even pull up our pants to see if some bloody leech is enjoying our blood. You should see the abundance of water in this region - you can't hide away from water - it's just everywhere you gaze - not just raining :)

It was raining throughout second day at Tarke Gyang. But the third day we were
blessed with beautiful mountains right from our room's window.

The view from Tarke Gyang

The mountains - I don't remember the name:(

We stayed at this point for almost an hour - really mesmerizing

The third day stay was not inviting at Dhuba Chour - the comparatively hot night, with bedbugs and scratching a lot. But again the other final day was bright, sunny and warm, and ofcourse the beautiful mountains.

The mountains as seen from Dhuba Chour

Stone throwing game at Melamchi River
PS:nobody was hurt during the photo shoot :)

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