Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dashain or Dasa (misfortune)

"Dashain ho ki, yo mero dasa, kati aayeko" meaning "Is this Dashain or is it misfortune (dasa), why does it come so many times?".

I wonder what percentage of Nepalese actually celebrate Dashain with new clothes, good food. For a country like ours with such high poverty rate, it's very unlikely that people actually take Dashain as a celebration but rather as a misfortune. Why won't they? Even if you take a walk around the city, you would see people laughing, carrying big smiles with heavy loads for dashain; and on the other side, you would see another group of people confused with what to buy, whether to buy or not, busy calculating in their head. You can actually read their faces, especially children. There are stories of people getting bankrupt during dashain - mostly in villages; this is the only time, children get to wear new clothes. I just wish every nepali may celebrate Dashain equally.

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prawesh said...

Noble thought......wish and pray what we can do.....