Monday, September 17, 2007

Nepal Engineering Association election: a mess

I queued up in a line for more than 2 hours to cast a vote. There were lots of engineers lining up and herding - just to vote for an association - the purpose of which is unknown to me and lots of other engineers I approached. I realized that most of them were there for the sake of their boss, friends, relatives, some good and useful contacts. If you ask me, I am there for my friend's father. If it were not for him, I would have left or most possibly wouldn't have come at all. It was a total waste of time - atleast to me. I was really frustrated to see the unmanaged and disorganized engineers of Nepal (Remember I stood in that heated low-ceiling hall for two hours plus with god knows how much CO2). What else shall we expect from others?

And I met this water guy around mid 40s and a PhD, who boasted that he was there for the sake of his voting rights and nothing else. Then he bragged that he won't never do anything dishonest to earn money, he had no greeds for money, fame, position and blah blah.. At first I was kind of impressed with him. Later he sounded more extravagant with his words - the thing I hated most about him is he mentioned about some design, some new technology and he would whisper in my ear "That was my design" and that was not just once. Crazy? Later I just hinted him that I was not interested - guess what... I looked outside the window :). Then he went and sat a little ahead of me. Then another person who's standing infront of me, said sarcastically "You had a good talk with him. I know this guy.". I felt that maybe that PhD was trying to convey his message to someone else through me.

I was wondering how much money our country lost in that election - if we analyze from hour-rate calculation and again for engineers. But that hardly matters. The good news is we don't have such hour-rate system. We can definitely afford hours of mess.


Keshab Raj Joshi said...

My dear friend, its so nice of you, that u did the job what i was thinking of. One of the Gentle engineer infront of me just made a comment that, which i cannot forget "I am a most ediot person being here in this queue" and left the queue as he was about to reach teh destination for cast. I do not know whether the engineers around the world are also best like us in management or not. But what can I say at this moment is if the constituent Assembly election is given to the engineers of Nepal, it will take more then one year to conduct the CA election in all good situation of the Country.

Anonymous said...

We Nepalis have tendency to be negative. We start with negative, and end with negative. Your posting is full of negative. I am tired of these negative people. Be optimistic. The guy who said that he was in que to use his right, what was wrong with his statement to villify him here. You sound like a crap.

anjesh said...

Probably you are right anonymous. Just read your last sentence. Just adding to yours, we Nepalese also don't have guts to take criticism with positivity. You are so much against negativity - why can't you take this post positively.

Jerry said...

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