Sunday, September 09, 2007

Long time.... who cares anyway?

Well it's been more than a month. I wonder why do people write post like this after taking breaks for long time - including me. I have noticed several of my friends who posted after a long time apologizing, promising to write again and blah blah... Who cares anyway?

But my problem is i am supposed to be busy; though I don't get busy reading my to-be-read stuffs for Social Science Baha Immersion Course; but rather busy with surfing internet. Really there have been so many happenings within the last month that I would definitely not want to forget.

Just listing for my own memory.
Met Ross , a developer from Italy, who contacted me through my blog just for some developers' talk. He also gave presentation on Ruby on Rails at FKK (FOSS ka Kura at Yala Maya Kendra)

Met Lawrence, an old man :) from US and my pal, who is here to help the street children, yet to be started. He is working on it.

Took a session on GIMP and Audacity on FOSS training organized by Bellasap.

Had an interesting talk with journalist from Pokhara at Bellasap Party at Hotel Radison.

Went to Nala at Banepa from Ason Baja Guthi. Well i can also play the traditional baja (drums).

Played dare or truth with friends at Hots and really made fool out of ourselves. Enjoyed anyway.

Lots of late-nights with friends.

Still going to Social science baha for Immersion course on Contemporary Social Issues.

Watched few movies at Cinema hall, which I normally don't do. That doesn't mean I am abnormal ;)

Still waking up at 5:30 in the morning 5 days a week. Really something not to be forgotten.

Well my supposed-to-go yet still-unconfirmed trip:( I am still waiting.

Created a profile in Facebook and met lots of friends.

That's all I can remember so far.

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