Saturday, June 02, 2007

Whitewater rafting: everyone should go for it once - atleast

I still feel water splashing in our faces at various rapids. Twisting and turning of our raft at these rapids were the most exciting part of entire trip. Many of these rapids even have names - the most dangerous one at Trisuli river is "Upset" and "Surprise", as told by our instructor or life guard or director of our boat. It looked like our boat almost overturned at this rapid but we managed to get through. We were busy shouting rather than paddling - some friends were even paddling in air at these rapids.

We covered 25km of Trishuli river, in the south of Kathmandu. We even dipped in the river - and swam with life jackets though. Later the water turned out to be really cold and had to get back to the boat.

While rafting, we had to follow our instructor, who would say "forward", "backward", "left forward" and so on. His favorite line was "Stop". He had to make sure that we didn't lose our direction and also that we didn't miss those interesting rapids. 3 hours seemed to be too short when we reached our final point. Arms were exhausted with paddling, so were the body and legs, but not our spirits. We wanted more.

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Preparing for the show

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It's me - showing some excitement

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That's the Trisuli river we rafted through - our stop point

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Deepti said...

Hey Anjesh!!! you sound so tired and bet you are. By the who did paddle in the air. It was not me......there was water everywhere hai.

Ani do you know I saw a dream about that rafting guy instructing'forward', 'all back' and we eagerly waitng to STOP.
La hai ta cheers