Friday, March 31, 2006

Want to revert your document a month back?

I used to create a file like myfile.doc, after 2 days i would create another file myfile.bak.doc and after a week, another file names myfile20060203.doc. Soon my folder gets cluttered with different versions myfile.doc. The reason is I have no idea of versioning system, that existed in the software development world way long back. i thought why can't I do the versioning with my personal document? I could and did. This following article which links to will help you get going with versioning your document. This works with plain text files and docs. Versioning other binary files like images, mp3, mpeg, exe don't make sense. But you can experiment and see it yourself and maybe let others know what else could you version with svn successfully. I haven't tried others besides ascii files and docs.

Ever wonder what changes do you make last week in your document? You want to revert your document to your last week and now you have to think hard to remember what you wrote. Such obstacles are not a part of open source developers working from around the world on the same project; the source code versioning system was developed to mitigate the potential problems and conflicts in collaboration projects. This is not-to-be-ignored system if a team of developers are working on a project. We won't delve into source code versioning but the same idea can be applied to your personal documents.

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