Tuesday, March 14, 2006

completed my site

Today i was busy preparing my site, that i developed in mambo. I think Mambo is good for personal site. Before I tried with Drupal (drupal.org) and i felt it was a little huge and complex for a personal site. Hopefully I will upload the entire site by tomorrow. see http://www.anjesh.com.np

Now you will find that site is developed in domAPI, an amazing javascript library, you can move icons around in anjesh.com.np as in your desktop and you have to double click the icon to see the content. Though the looks is appealing, loading entire set of javascript library is slow, the major reason for porting to mambo (mamboserver.com) .

I found a useful tool xnview (xnview.com), that allows batch processing of images like renaming, resizing and a lot more.., which i needed for my site gallery.

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