Thursday, September 11, 2008

how to get justice

I understand people are and need to be sentiment; otherwise they would be better termed insane. But obstructing others in the name of sentiment is not justifiable. Just to give you some background there was a long queue of vehicles all the way from Gwarko - the most happening place in Kathmandu interms of accidents. You are right, i got senti and just didn't find any better place to pour my emotions.

I was moving here and there just hoping for some space to squeeze through the crowd and I ended up wasting my time, energy and the most precious fuel. It took me an hour to reach my destination which otherwise would take maximum 20 minutes. If you calculate the same for hundreds or even thousands of others who faced similar circumstances, how justifiable is the blocking of road for the name of the dead. I heard that there was some killing of a person or some driver at that place by policemen. That was definitely wrong and the perpetrator should definitely be brought behind bars. I don't know how to ask for justice - whether by blocking the road or by asking for justice. If you look at the past, definitely putting pressure on the authority by causing pain to hundreds of civilians seems to give way for justice. The funny thing is it's the most easy way too. You just gather a group of people and hundreds of people will support you without going deep into the issue. How justifiable is this?

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