Monday, December 10, 2007

How should we judge people?

"One Laptop per Child Doesn't Change the World" by John Dvorak caught my eye. After going through it, I find him quite sensible and thoughtful, nonetheless critical. His list of contributed articles were even more interesting...

Why Social Networks Stink
The Google Phone Is Doomed
What's Wrong with Open-Source Software?
AJAX and the Road to Bad Web Sites
Wireless Promises, Unmet
Online Shopping Frustrates Me
Don't Trust the Servers
Is Everyone Over 30 Useless?
Will the Internet Collapse?
The Mobile Phone Industry Must Die. DIE!

Ok! What would you make of him? An unhappy person frustrated with these techy happenings? Well I haven't gone through all of his articles but just listing, which ofcourse I learned from him. And I deliberately left out some articles like

My Top Ten Bright Ideas
Don't Give Up on Old Media

But the list is small :) Check out the list for yourself.

Worldbank largest ever support package to us: be optimist

I am wondering if we should feel happy about the World Bank's largest ever support package to Nepal with US$253 million. As mentioned in the press release, the following projects will be undertaken: Poverty Alleviation Fund, Project for All, Irrigation and Water Resources Management, and Road Sector Development. It does sound convincing. I am optimist and definitely happy about it. But I am wondering if there's going to be a huge party for this occasion - by whom, where, I don't know. I just wish such things don't occur in the name of development and poverty, as realized by John Dvorak of PC Mag., on the over-hyped OLPC (one laptop per child).

[...]Every time I bring up this complaint
[OLPC vs basic needs] to my Silicon Valley pals—usually as we race down I-280 in their newest Mercedes-Benz S Class sedan while listening to their downloaded music from their iPod to the car's custom stereo—I get flak. They tell me, "It's a start. Computers will save the world from poverty..."[...]

Nothing is better than something. Keep the hope alive.

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