Monday, December 10, 2007

Worldbank largest ever support package to us: be optimist

I am wondering if we should feel happy about the World Bank's largest ever support package to Nepal with US$253 million. As mentioned in the press release, the following projects will be undertaken: Poverty Alleviation Fund, Project for All, Irrigation and Water Resources Management, and Road Sector Development. It does sound convincing. I am optimist and definitely happy about it. But I am wondering if there's going to be a huge party for this occasion - by whom, where, I don't know. I just wish such things don't occur in the name of development and poverty, as realized by John Dvorak of PC Mag., on the over-hyped OLPC (one laptop per child).

[...]Every time I bring up this complaint
[OLPC vs basic needs] to my Silicon Valley pals—usually as we race down I-280 in their newest Mercedes-Benz S Class sedan while listening to their downloaded music from their iPod to the car's custom stereo—I get flak. They tell me, "It's a start. Computers will save the world from poverty..."[...]

Nothing is better than something. Keep the hope alive.

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