Sunday, November 18, 2007

Finally I get my machine running Linux

I never dreamt I could ever install linux in my rather old laptop - considering my several attempts at installing susu, ubuntu, fedora causing berserk screen. My good pal suggested me "try Wolvix". Guess what - it just worked out of the box without any manual work - I am even writing this post from my freshly installed Wolvix Cub 1.1.0. I was not expecting my internet to work so easily in linux box - having heard bad and harsh experiences of friends in installing modem. My case may be different - i am using a router and cable internet.

I must say Catilyn Martin beautifully articulated review on Wolvix inspired me to write one. As I am writing this, I miss something from my not-so-beloved-yet-attached Windows XP. There are several applications I would love to have them in my Wolvix. Wordweb, notepad++, FoxitReader, just to name a few. There must be alternatives to all these - just need some exploration. That does explain I am a newbie linux user - desktop one - if I must say.

I even compared the boot time for both my XP and Wolvix. Well it took 30 seconds to get Windows logon screen while Wolvix took 56 seconds. Not bad. I should also inform you that my Windows XP is also freshly installed in my freshly plugged Hard disk; this may also have credited to the rather fast load time of XP.

I am a bit disappointed with the GRUB screen of Wolvix. Looks like few others are also sharing the same view as mine and it seems that I will always have to look at this shabby looking GRUB screen until the patch is available or the next version is released.

The other interesting thing is the constant watch on Memory and CPU usage right on the desktop. One can also turn it off if necessary. I don't think I will be able to use my other beloved app "ProcessExplorer".

For all those out there, wanting to use linux but never got guts to do so, should definitely try Wolvix. It's for the users. Just download the iso file from the site, burn it to CD, run as a live CD, use it/see the features and install it if it pleases you. If you are installing Linux for the first time, be sure to backup all your important data to the external storage. Be careful and read doc if you are installing on your own and for the first time.

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