Thursday, April 20, 2006

My reminiscence of OpenGL

Today I came across the memory game code, using OpenGL in MFC, that I coded 3 years back. It took me almost an hour to get this code working into an exe. I don't any idea of versioning then. Now I couldn't wait to send it to my subversion repository. The code is really bad, that was the time when I came across, the tutorials provided by nehe inspired me to write some interesting code of my own. I did and left unknown to the rest. It was really interesting to see it working now. It was consuming almost 90% of CPU continuously. It shouldn't now. I used the CPU idle time for rendering, I am thinking of rewriting the code from scratch again and using threading than idle time, with code comments and really useful documentation. Currently you can move the perpective using arrow keys. You can play around to see the effects. This is not a game yet, the time, level are to be implemented, hopefully in my next version. I have also included source in case you are interested. Some screenshots to give you the rough idea.

download binary
download source

Simple One

Complex One, which can be chosen from the options menu

Complex one from different perpective, can be altered using arrow keys

Same as above

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