Tuesday, December 30, 2008

simple graphical presentation on Wiki

I just uploaded my presentation on Wiki at slideshare, which I have prepared years ago. It just occurred to me that graphical way is the perfect way to get to the minds of people right away. Many people liked this presentation and its simplicity. So for the greater good, I uploaded this for you, if you have been looking for more easy way to grasp the concepts on wiki. Some animation parts are missing when you view online. Download to see it the action.

Monday, December 29, 2008

What was I doing?

I still remember looking for some simple firewall file in the fedora box to add some lines. I had no idea that I had already written that somewhere. Guess where? It was published long back in my just-tech blog. I am feeling so stupid to find this information here in my own computer in ScribeFire which lead me to my own blog. Wondering why didn't i ever checked my almost dead tech-blog. I just realized that it was last updated a year ago. Hopefully next year will see more of my blogs here and there.