Tuesday, April 01, 2008

back in ..

I have been asked by many people or better friends, why isn't my blogs being updated. I have no answer, perhaps just wanted to have some privacy. Yup.. people do know a lot about you from your writing - even there are tools that can differentiate the writing from male to that of female. Accuracy - machines. I don't know.

I realized that it's been three months and even more that I stopped my blogs; no it's postponed actually. So back in the road on the first of April - but definitely not an attempt to be a fool.
It's not just blogs that I was trying to avoid. I have almost stopped logging into hi5 - too much spams, and also much less facebook - just responding to friends' requests.

PS: It wasn't many people that asked me but just a handful of them. There's no harm if one wants to feel good :)